Unique Custom Soccer Balls For A Passionate Game

You Will Play Better With A Custom Soccer Ball

ALIEN is always looking for new ways to offer personalized soccer products. Our latest innovation “ALIENBALLS”, custom soccer balls, was designed based on feedback from teams and clubs across the EU.

Our camp balls are available in different sizes and styles to perfectly fit any player so that every team can benefit from them! These high-quality customized kicks will help you take your game up a notch.

Create your dream custom soccer ball with our new Creator tool, and choose from a range of colors to make it your own. Don’t miss out ā€“ get started today!

Improve your performance on and off the field

Why using custom soccer balls can upgrade your game

Playing with an ALIENBALLS custom soccer ball inspires pride and motivation, which can increase performance in all areas of the field. Owning a ball designed according to one’s own ideas and preferences strengthens players’ emotional bond with their own ball and spurs them on to constantly improve.

With every touch, the custom design increases game performance and provides more confidence in ball control. Ultimately, your own custom soccer ball can be a source of inspiration on and off the pitch.

Get ready to upgrade your game

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, an ALIENBALLS personalized soccer ball can take your game to the next level. With superior quality and craftsmanship, our personalized soccer balls are designed to meet the needs of players at all levels.

Promote unity on the field

A personalized soccer ball is a great way to build team spirit and promote unity on the field. By personalizing your ball with your team’s logo, you’ll create a sense of identity and togetherness that will help you win games.

Improve ball control & accuracy

The more comfortable you are with your personalized soccer ball, the better you’ll play.

Personalize your game

Soccer is a passionate game that unites people from all over the world. What better way to show your love for the sport than by personalizing your ball? With our advanced customization options, you can create a unique ball that meets your club’s needs.

Improve your skills

Playing with a personalized soccer ball will help improve your skills on and off the field. Our official models meet and exceed the norms of FIFA Pro, FIFA, and IMS, so you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product. Upgrade your game today!

Quality construction

Our personalized soccer balls are made with the best materials to ensure durability and long-lasting use. You can trust that our personalized soccer balls will perform well during practice and in games.

Fun for all

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, everyone will enjoy using a personalized soccer ball.

Create your very own ALIENBALLSĀ® soccer ball
Create your very own ALIENBALLSĀ® soccer ball and design it to be any color combination you want!

Unique soccer balls created by you

Discover the quality assortment

ALIENBALLS understands the game of soccer is extremely important to you. That is why we provide high-quality, custom soccer balls that are perfect for any level of play. Our balls are available in three different styles: Thermobond, Hybrid, and Machine Stitched.

Each ball is also pre-colored in a variety of designs, making it easy for you to recolor and make it your own. ALIENBALLS also offers a unique logo upload design option for an extra level of customization.

So whether you are looking for a gift for a soccer player or you want to show off your team spirit, ALIENBALLS has the perfect ball for you.

– Thermal-bonded Soccer Balls

Thermal bonding is a process that fuses two or more layers of polyurethane together to create one, tough, durable ball. The result is a high-quality custom soccer ball that can withstand the most extreme conditions.

– Hybrid Soccer Balls

Hybrid soccer balls are made from a combination of thermal bonding and machine stitching. The result is an incredibly durable ball with the perfect touch for all levels of play. This option also offers you the ability to customize your design!

– Machine Stitched Soccer Balls

Machine-stitched soccer balls are sewn together by hand using heavy-duty threading machines. Each stitch provides additional reinforcement for this type of soccer ball, making it ideal for training.

Get the soccer balls you want

Small minimum order quantity

ALIENBALLS custom soccer balls also come with a one-year warranty to ensure satisfaction. Get ready to improve your game with ALIENBALLS custom soccer balls! Order now on our website or contact our ALIEN partner for Benelux.

Fair Production

We believe in producing our custom soccer balls under happy and healthy working conditions. We are enthusiastic about ensuring that our entire crew is fairly compensated for their hard work.

Furthermore, we frequently audit our factory to make sure it remains up to par with our company’s high standards. You can rest assured knowing that when you purchase from us, the workers who made your personalized soccer ball were treated well.

  • Employees have special protection for their rights, working conditions, and wages
  • We can assure you that no children were involved in the creation of personalized soccer balls

Deep insight into the production process

As a customer of ALIENBALLS, you may not be familiar with the intricate process that goes into the manufacture of each soccer ball. We would like to give you an insight into the production facility of our friendly manufacturer in Sialkot. Pakistan ā€“ also known as the football capital of the world.

The ball-making process begins with our team of experts sourcing the highest quality components from around the world. We only use the best technologies available and have stringent standards for quality.

Once we have the right materials, our team begins to craft all custom soccer balls by hand. This is a highly skilled process that takes years of training and experience to perfect.

Every detail of the manufacturing process is constantly checked and examined to guarantee that the final product satisfies our precise standards. This is true for all varieties of ALIENBALLS, including each training soccer ball and match ball.

Multiple butyl and latex bladder options for the perfect air retention
The inside of a custom soccer ball is just as important as its outer layer. The thickness of the inner layer directly correlates to how good the soccer ball is. The cover, which consists of many layers of material, affects the strength, shape, and bounciness of the soccer ball, while different butyl- or latex bladders keep the air inside the ball.

What makes ALIENBALLS custom soccer balls so special? Their techniques. They are perfectly round and stable in dimension, and they maintain their internal pressure after heavy use.

We only ship custom soccer balls to customers that pass our quality control tests. These tests guarantee a fast game with great changes.

Thermobond balls for a more precise flight

The Thermo bond soccer ball is perfect for anyone, whether you’re an amateur training for a game or a professional looking to enhance your skills. The technology behind it uses thermal bonding to connect the panels of the ball without any stitching.

This ball has been thermally bonded to stay in shape and last longer because of the way the bladder is attached to the lining and leather. This makes it fly faster and retain its roundness, while also being resistant to weather conditions.

Keep in mind that because of how they’re made, thermal-bonded balls cannot be deflation when shipped, so the shipping cost for them is more expensive than other types of balls.

Thermo Soccer Ball Machine for the production of performance soccer balls to ensure the best quality tests.

In our new Creator, you can design your match and training balls quickly and easily. With our realistic 3D construction, you can see what your personalized creation will look like in seconds. Add your team or club logo on the custom soccer ball to make it truly yours. Choose from our premade styles, colors, and sizes. Get your custom soccer balls when you need them so your players can play with pride.

Build your team story to infinity now! To the Custom Soccer Balls.

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