Custom Training Soccer Balls Champ Transformer


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MATCH568 - 70410 - 450
MATCH463,5 - 66350 - 390
TRAINING568 - 70410 - 450
TRAINING463,5 - 66350 - 390
TRAINING361 - 63290 - 320
LIGHT 350568 - 70340 - 360
LIGHT 350463,5 - 66340 - 360
X-TR LIGHT 290563,5 - 66280 - 310
X-TR LIGHT 290463,5 - 66280 - 310
FUTSAL462 - 64400 - 440
FUTSAL LIGHT 350462 - 64340 - 360
FUTSAL LIGHT 290462 - 64300 - 320

Personalize with your Club/Team Logo. Made to order from 50 pieces. Note: You see the unit price for order of min. 100 pieces.

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Custom Soccer Training Balls

Durable Custom Training Soccer Balls Champ

The perfect balls to improve your game

The Custom Training Soccer Balls Champ are the perfect balls for players of all ages. The balls are made of a durable cover. And the machine stitching on the ball makes them feel slightly softer. A perfect choice for any teams looking for a high-quality, durable, and affordable soccer ball.


Option to upload your club logo

The Champ training soccer balls are perfect for any soccer team, with the option to upload your club logo.


Make the design of the ball in your colors

You can customize the design of the Custom Training Soccer Balls Champ in your desired colors.


All-rounder for training and leisure

The Champ Custom Training Soccer Balls are an excellent choice for training and leisure activities. The balls are made of durable materials and a 32-panel construction that ensures excellent game and training performance. Engineered to offer softer ball touches and provide fun with low bounce characteristics.


Perfect for all teams aged 14 and over

The balls are not inflated when shipped. Please check the air pressure on the balls. The Champ balls are available in 2 standard sizes, so it is important to choose the right size for your level of play.


Product Specs

  • Custom Training Soccer Balls Champ with your logo
  • Flexible to use, hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant
  • Ideal to improve the game
  • Own logo can be uploaded
  • Easy to personalize with your own colors
  • Excellent air retention
  • Must be inflated
  • 32-panel construction: 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons
  • Processing: Hybrid technology
  • Size 5,4: from C-juniors (U14/U15), adults
  • Composition: Textured PU and high quality materials


Technical Key Features

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Product Features

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Full Color Range


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