Custom Youth Soccer Balls Light 350 Transformer


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MATCH568 - 70410 - 450
MATCH463,5 - 66350 - 390
TRAINING568 - 70410 - 450
TRAINING463,5 - 66350 - 390
TRAINING361 - 63290 - 320
LIGHT 350568 - 70340 - 360
LIGHT 350463,5 - 66340 - 360
X-TR LIGHT 290563,5 - 66280 - 310
X-TR LIGHT 290463,5 - 66280 - 310
FUTSAL462 - 64400 - 440
FUTSAL LIGHT 350462 - 64340 - 360
FUTSAL LIGHT 290462 - 64300 - 320

Personalize with your Club/Team Logo. Made to order from 50 pieces. Note: You see the unit price for order of min. 100 pieces.

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Custom Soccer Training Balls

Custom Youth Soccer Balls Light 350 – Transformer

Improving kids’ ball skills

Are you looking for a new, fun way to improve kid’s ball skills? Our Custom Youth Soccer Balls Light 350 are perfect for young players. They’re easy to play with and control, which will help them improve their ball skills quickly.


Personalize with your club logo

Not only are our balls fun and easy to personalize, but they’re also ideal for training. With our Creator, you can choose your colors and even upload a logo.


Re-color the design

You can re-color the Transformer design of the youth soccer balls in colors to match your taste. A great way to inspire young people and encourage them to move. So why not get creative today and order your very own set of Custom Youth Soccer Balls Light 350?


Built to last

With our high-quality materials and 32-panel construction, these balls are built to last. The light weight makes the balls easier to control and play with.


Choose from two sizes for the perfect fit

Choose from two sizes for the perfect fit

Our lightweight soccer balls are perfect for all ball lovers. With two sizes to choose from, there is a perfect ball for kids ages 10 to 13. Depending on the performance level of the children, a smaller or larger ball size can be used in each age group. This is decided on a case by case basis by the coach during training on the pitch.


Product Specs

  • Custom Youth Soccer Balls Light 350 – Transformer
  • Flexible, abrasion and impact resistant
  • Ideal to improve the skills
  • Lightweight balls in two sizes
  • Option to upload a club logo
  • Easy to recolor
  • Must be inflated
  • 32-panel construction: 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons
  • Processing: Machine sewn
  • Size 5/4: E-juniors (U12/U13)
  • Size 4: E-juniors (U10/U11)
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Composition: Structured PU and high-quality materials


Technical Key Features

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Product Features

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