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Can be personalized for each player. Made to order from 1 piece. Note: You will see the unit price when ordering min 10 pieces.

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Custom Shower Towels. For Teams, Clubs, Schools, Companies & Private.

Create your Personalized Shower Towel Valle

It feels so good

The long-awaited shower after a tough workout. How good does that feel? And how good it feels to dry off with a personal shower towel. Our Custom Shower Towels Valle are just what you need to make your workout routine even better.


Personalized Valle in your team colors

Personalized Shower Towel Valle in the colors of your team. You can also add trendy effects to them. This makes them even more unique.


My club. My Team. My pride.

The Custom Shower Towel Valle is the perfect way to show how much you care about each player. With their names and numbers printed on it, they’ll feel special! With team logo and team name. This builds team spirit.


Great as a gift

Or, if you’re looking for a gift idea, personalized sports towels make a great gift for any occasion.


Product Specs

  • Personalized Shower Towel Valle
  • Brilliant color print on the front side
  • White back side
  • 350 g/m² soft, high-quality double-sided cotton terry cloth
  • An option enter Player Name, Player Number and Team Name
  • An option to upload the club/team logo
  • Hand-made with passion
  • Processing: Fully sublimated
  • Size: 80 x 150 cm
  • Gender: All
  • Composition: 55 % Polyester, 45 % Cotton


Technical Key Features

technical-key-create+customize    alien-custom-soccer-logo-proof-mode technical-key-eco-sublimation

Product Launch:

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Product Availability:

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Product Features

472 g



Full Color Range. Club/Team Logo. Player Name. Player Number. Team Name


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